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Are you shopping for a Greenworks chainsaw? Greenworks offers cost-effective tools to the North American market. They are owned by Globe Tools and are headquartered in Changzhou – China. Greenworks actually makes quality products at affordable prices. They even caught the attention of Stihl, who bought a sizeable stake in the company.

Electric chainsaws basics

Electric chainsaws are a smart choice for many reasons. They’re lighter, easier to handle, cheaper to maintain and operate. Perfect for lighter duty cutting and trimming, and more suitable for environments where noise and pollution is a concern. With electric, you don’t have to worry about mixing oil and gas, or altitude, cleaning carburetors, spark plug or yanking the pull cord on cold starts.

40v versus 80v

When looking at what’s available on the market right now for electric chainsaws, the Greenworks 40v and 80v chainsaws both offer many features at a comparably low price. They have about the same output as a 45cc gas powered chainsaw. Both these battery chainsaws offer great power. The chain moved at 15 feet per second.

Both chainsaws feature the same automatic oiling system, auto chain tensioner, and translucent oil reservoir. Owners of both chainsaws models report that after 1 year of ownership, they stopped using their gas chainsaw altogether.

The main factor to consider when comparing the Greenworks 40v to the 80v is how much work they can do. The larger 80v has bucking teeth for heavier usage, and the option of sizing up from a 16 inch guide bar to an 18 inch one. This means that the 80v can cut wider cuts and logs. If you are a first time chainsaw buyer and unsure which size is appropriate for you, take a tape measure and measure the diameter of what you plan on cutting; it’s easy and quick to do.

The Greenworks 40v is a few pounds lighter than the 80v, making it more maneuverable or suitable for folks who may not have the strength for a larger saw. In addition, it’s main advantage over the 80v is that it wraps around handle design allows for safer and easier angled cutting.

A mark against both these chainsaws is that owners report less than the advertised number of cuts off a single battery charge. Expect 10-15 minutes of heavy use, longer with idle time. Both the 80v and 40v take about 30 minutes to charge, so it in real world use you may want to plan on doing another activity or work while the battery recharges.

Battery performance and user comments

It’s worth mentioning that like all batteries, you should be mindful of storing them in cold temperatures for long periods of time. Performance can degrade and you may not get as many cuts in. In best practice, it’s advised to not force the saw down when cutting, and let the weight of the saw carry the cut. One user reported reduced battery life when trying to force the saw too quick.

Greenworks does offer a 2-year warranty on the batteries, and owners report high customer satisfaction for returns and exchanges. Both the 40v and 80v chainsaws themselves come with a 4-year warranty.

Although the 12-inch Greenworks 40v chainsaw is smaller, don’t think it’s not up to the task. Owners report good power and fast cutting. The saw was able do cut through dense hardwood and stumps.

We would recommend up-sizing to the 80v only if you are doing larger trees or need the bucking teeth.

For first time chainsaw owners or lighter duty usage, the 12-inch 40v is more than suitable. It’s surprisingly powerful. Consider the Greenworks 40v chainsaw if you are looking for an efficient and high value battery saw. It comes with a G-Max 40v 2.0 Ah battery but can be upgrade to the G-Max 40v 4.0 Ah battery.

We did come into a few reports of the chain untensioning on upcuts and forced cuts. The good news is that you can re-tension easily with the auto-tensioner. One owner did recommend an upgraded chain, from the factory one, citing tooth-wear and tension issues after a year.

One of the biggest advantages of buying Greenworks products is their interchangeable batteries. If you own, or plan to own one of their other products, you can save costs and use the batteries in different tools.

Final thoughts

The Greenworks 80v and 40v are largely similar in features, the biggest difference is the size/weight, and guide bar length. Get out that tape measure and size up the work you plan to do. If you are new to chainsaws and a first time buyer, we recommend the Greenworks 40v. That being said, both saws are positioned to replace a comparable gas chainsaw. These are both great value saws, from a company that offers a good warranty and customer service.