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If you are looking at an affordable electric chainsaw, consider either the Greenworks 60v or the 80v. If you are unfamiliar with the brand itself, here’s a quick rundown. Greenworks is based out of Changzhou – China, and is owned by Globe Tools. It’s worth noting that these aren’t the low quality tools of past years. Greenworks is marketed specifically for the North American market. Producing a tool that meets the demand for quality and reliability is what Greenworks does.

Battery chainsaw basics

Are you new to battery chainsaws? Electric and battery chainsaws offer some key benefits over their gas-powered cousins. Electric chainsaws are cheaper to own and operate, and they can make just as much, or even better power than a similar-sized gas’er. They are typically lighter and easier to maneuver, which is ideal for pruning and trimming work. You don’t have to worry about mixing gas and oil, carburetors, spark plug, altitude or clogged filters. If pulling relentlessly on a pull cord on a cold day has been frustrating for you, then consider electric, as they start right up. Battery chainsaws can go anywhere as long as there is electricity. If you are in an area where noise or pollution (fumes) are a concern, then an electric chainsaw might be what you need.

60v versus 80v

The Greenworks 60v and 80v are both positioned as mid-tier chainsaws. They are up-market from the smaller 40v. But not quite as large as the heavier-duty gas-powered chainsaws. They share many features. They have the same auto-tensioning system, a handy feature that makes adjusting chain tension a much simpler and safer process.. The same emergency chain brake for when kickback occurs, and the same transparent oil reservoir, which means you don’t need to unscrew the cap and risk getting sawdust in the oil. They also share the same ergonomic handle design and both weigh 13 pounds. This could be a major benefit to older folks or people who are unsure of their physical fitness. They both come with bucking spikes. Which makes these saws suitable for bucking logs into lumber.

Both chainsaws have great power and they really do compare to a similar sized gas-powered chainsaw. The Greenworks 60v is a new revision of the Greenworks chainsaw lineup. In Generation 2 electric motor gets a claimed 20% more torque than a conventional 42cc gas chainsaw. The Greenworks 80v on the other hand is one of the highest voltage electric chainsaws you can buy. The extra power allows the Greenworks 80v to manage a 18-inch guide bar. Which gives it a bit of an edge in the amount of work you can do.

If you are unsure whether you need a 16-inch or 18-inch guide bar, then grab a tape measure and go measure the diameter of what you plan to cut. It’s fast and easy to do. The general rule of thumb is that you should get a chainsaw with a guide-bar length of 2-inches longer than the diameter of what you plan to cut. The 16-inch Greenwork 60v or the 16-inch guide bar option for the 80v could be all you need. Just get out there and measure before you decide to purchase.

Another key difference between these two battery chainsaws is that the Greenworks 80v (both the 16 and 18 inch) come with the battery and charger included. The Greenworks 60v is just the tool by itself, so consider the costs when adding a charger and battery to your purchase. It’s also worth noting that you can purchase the 80v by itself, tool only – as well.

Battery ecosystem and user comments

One of the best reasons for getting a Greenworks product, is if you already own another or plan to purchase more. For instance, if you are a first time buyer for most of your yard working tools. Then you may be able to save on costs by staying in the Greenworks ecosystem. Greenworks batteries are largely interchangeable. So consider future purchases like a blade or string trimmer that uses the same battery as your chainsaw.

On the topic of Greenworks batteries, let’s talk real world use. Many owners of theses chainsaws report less than advertised amount of cuts and run time out of the battery. This is to be expected as often companies (Greenworks is no exception) run their tests under optimal or lab like settings and conditions. Some owners report longer run time when letting the natural weight of the saw cut through, and reduced battery life when forcing a cut through.

Like all batteries, cold weather can degrade performance and run time, so we recommend storing the batteries out of the cold when not in use. The good news about this, is that Greenworks has very high satisfaction on exchanges with their 2 year battery warranty. It’s good to know you won’t get a hastle and will have a smooth return process if you batteries give out after 2 years.


Both the Greenworks 60v and the Greenworks 80v are feature packed, powerful, and high-value battery chainsaws. If you are looking for a medium duty electric chainsaw both would be solid picks. Most owners of electric chainsaws stop using their gas chainsaws completely after purchasing. Get the 80v if you looking for an 18 inch guide bar, or an included charger and battery. Get the Greenworks 60v if you want the latest design and just need the tool by itself.