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Husqvarna is a chainsaw manufacturer known for its quality. They are headquartered in Stockholm Sweden and have factories all over the world. They manage their North American market through their main office in Charlotte, North Carolina. Husqvarna has a long history, stretching back to the industrial revolution. They got into the chainsaw business in 1959 and since then have been known for producing innovative and popular designs.

Husqvarna’s Rancher lineup is a farm-ready brand. These chainsaws are suitable for heavy use for the land owner, rancher, or land clearer. If you have narrowed your search to the Husqvarna 450 Rancher and 455 Rancher, you’re doing a good job. Both these chainsaws are popular sellers, and for good reason. They’re both powerful, high featured, reliable and affordable. Here, we’ll talk about what’s similar about both chainsaws and what’s different.

The Husqvarna 450 Rancher and 455 Rancher share a number of features. They’re both sturdy, well-designed, and ergonomic. They both feature an inertia activated chain brake for safety. They both have the Smart Start technology and fuel pump, a system designed to take the headaches out of pull starting and flooding the engine. Effort required to start the saw is reduced by up to 40%. They also both have anti-vibration, or Lowvib technology. This is a mechanism that uses dampers to reduce the vibrations the users feels. This is a handy feature that reduces muscle fatigue over longer work sessions.

The 450 Rancher and 455 Rancher both have a centrifugal air filtering system. This uses the centrifugal force of the engine to remove larger particulate from air intake charge. This prolongs engine life and maintains power during long uses. There is more time between air filter changes, making maintenance a little cheaper and easier. In addition to the air injection cleaning system, both the 450 Rancher and 455 Rancher have a quick release air filter. Making cleaning the air filter on the work-site easier, simpler, and faster.

It’s worth mentioning that both chainsaws offer pro-like features, like felling marks and bucking teeth. The felling marks when used correctly aide in the precision tree felling. The bucking teeth are useful for securing the cut when bucking wood into lumber. Husqvarna markets both these chainsaws as all-purpose workhorses with quality commercial grade features at consumer level prices.

The core of any chainsaw is the powerhead. Taking Husqvarna’s naming convention into account, the 450 Rancher has a corresponding 50cc displacement. The 455 Rancher of course has a 55cc engine. This means that the 455 Rancher is the more powerful saw. The output confirms this, the 450 Rancher has an output of 3.2 horsepower to the 455 Ranchers 3.5 horsepower. The larger engine also provides more torque. 2.4 ft lbs (3.2nm) to 1.9 ft-lb (2.6nm). Both engines have the same maximum rev limit (9000rpm) and idling speed (2700rpm). Both engines utilize Husqvarna’s X-Torq engine technology. This system allows for low emissions and noise pollution, while maximizing torque over a wide engine rpm range. They also both have the same sturdy 3-piece crankshaft.

Typically, the larger and more powerful the chaninsaw’s powerhead is, the longer the chain guide bar can be. Saws with higher output can support a longer chain guide bar, which means the saw can cut trees of larger diameter and do more work. Although the 455 Rancher is the more powerful saw, it still supports the same maximum guide bar length of 20-inches that the 450 Rancher can as well. This means that both chainsaws can preform similar amounts of work, and cut similar amounts. The 455 Rancher does have more torque which might be what you need to power through tougher jobs. Even though there is a difference in power, the real-world output of each chainsaw is similar.

Besides the power differences between the two chainsaws. There are a few features that are different as well. The 450 Rancher features a snap-lock cylinder cover. Making replacing the spark plug easier, simpler and faster. The 450 Rancher also has a symmetrical ergonomic rear handle. This gives the 450 Rancher an edge in maneuverability and stability while doing angled cuts. It’s also about a pound lighter. The 450 Rancher also has a visible fuel line indicator, while the 455 Rancher does not.

In the end, both chainsaws are fairly similar in performance and capabilities, and they share many of the same features while being farm-ready tools. The larger 455 Rancher extra torque might be better suited for some tougher stumps and hardwood. But the both saws are capable, middle of the road, all-rounded workhorses. The 450 Rancher is a later revision and has better quality of life features. It’s also a decent bit cheaper. Both saws are popular and we’ll serve you well, no matter what we decide. We prefer the hot-selling 455 Rancher for its extra torque.