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If you’re looking at purchasing a table saw online, you may have noticed there are more options then ever. In an ever globalizing world, it’s hard to know what brands you can trust; Which brands make quality product, which brands have long term customer satisfaction, and which brand is affordable and worth the money.

Company snapshot

Bosch and Dewalt are both manufacturers that have been in the power tool industry for a long time. Bosh began as an automobile ignition supplier in 1886 and Dewalt started in 1923 making radial arm saws. Bosch is a large and diversified manufacturer, making many products and is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. Dewalt on the other hand is the up-market or professional-like brand of Stanley Black and Decker. Dewalt is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.

Both companies have factories globally, and although Dewalt markets and positions itself as an American company, it still sources raw materials and components from other countries. The comparison is a bit like Volkswagon and Ford, (for Bosch and Dewalt), and even though the companies have roots in Germany and America, they still are global enterprises trying to compete at low prices.

Table saw overview

Here, we are looking at two saws; the Bosch table saw vs Dewalt table saw. More specifically, we will compare the Bosch GTS1031 and the Dewalt DW745S. We’ll look at the features and specifications of each saw, compare what’s similar between them, and contrast what’s different. We’ll look into owner’s long term satisfaction. By the end, you should have all the information you need to make an informed purchase.

Looking at the two table saws, they share many similar features. Both are 10-inch table saws that are comparable in class. They’re not commercial grade professional tools. But both saws are steel framed, durable, portable, and pro-like. Both saws feature underside tool storage, which can help keep your tools safe and organized.

Specs and features

The Dewalt table saw beats out the Bosch in terms of collapsed dimensions and weight. It’s not the most critical factor when choosing a table saw, but if you are looking for a job-site portable saw (as opposed to a larger workshop saw) the Dewalt is the smaller and lighter saw of the two. It also comes with a base stand, while the Bosch table saw does not. It does, however, come with a built-in carry handle which helps in it’s portability. Comparing the two, the Bosch table saw is 55 pounds and 22 by 23 inches, and the Dewalt table saw is 17 by 15.75 inches.

When looking at the capabilities and performance of each saw, it’s very close. Both the Bosch table saw and the Dewalt table saw have 5/8″ inch arbor size. Both have a maximum depth of cut at 45 degrees of 2-1/4 inches. They are the same at 90 degrees as well, at 3-1/8 inches. The Dewalt table saw, although smaller has a longer maximum rip potential. The maximum left rip is 12 inches, and the maximum right rip is 20 inches. In comparison, the Bosch table saw can do a maximum left rip of 7-3/4 inches, and a maximum right rip of 18 inches. In terms of power and speed, the Dewalt table saw has a no-load rpm of 3850, whereas the Bosch table saw is fair bit faster at 5000rpm. That being said, the Dewalt table saw is 1800 watts in contrast to the Bosch’s 1700 watts.

When looking at the fence of the two table saws, the Dewalt uses the same system as its larger cousins. It’s a rack and the pinion design which is superior to the Bosch square lock design. That being said, both table saws will give you secure, accurate and quick cuts.

It’s worth mentioning that the Bosch table saw (GTS1031) can support dado blades. These are used for a special woodworking technique to create groves (dadoes). The Dewalt table saw does not support dado blades. It may not be relevant to you, but it’s something to consider if you plan to pick up a dado blade later.

Warranty comparison

It’s interesting to compare the warranties of both table saws. You can often see how much a manufacturer stands behind it’s product with the offered warranty. The Bosch table saw only comes with a one-year warranty. The Dewalt, although essentially an up-market Black and Decker product, comes with a three-year warranty. Bosch makes a quality product, but if you want less risk in your investment – or think you might need the extra protection, the Dewalt might be the safer option with it’s superior warranty.

When looking at price, they are close. Both table saws are competitors to each other and priced similarly. The Dewalt table saw comes with a stand included, so factor that into comparison of the price. We’ll mention that some owners report that the stand is too short for taller folks.


Our pick of the two is the Bosch table saw. Its construction is sturdier and it has a faster blade speed. Both saws are not commercial grade professional saws, they are job-site saws at an affordable price. They are not intended for fine cabinet making. Most owners are satisfied with their purchase after one year.