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If you’re looking for an affordable set of tools, or are a first time tool buyer, the Craftsman Evolv is a brand you should look at. Craftsman is a brand of Stanley Black and Decker, a U.S. conglomerate. Craftsman itself got started all the way back in 1927. Craftsman Evolv is a tool lineup from craftsman that’s marketed as a value brand. Stanley Black and Decker owns many brands, but of course, they largely specialize in tools. One of their more popular pro-like brand is Dewalt.

Company snapshot

Craftsman Evolv is a smart choice if you are trying to save money, or if you are planning on doing lighter duty use. They are not professional or commercial grade tools, and are positioned and marketed as a low cost option.

Manufactured in China, the Craftsman Evolv tools are sold online through popular retailers. These aren’t the low-quality tools of yesteryear. Owners and users of Craftsman Evolv tools report high satisfaction, even after the one-year mark. They are of good value; you could even say they are of exceptional value. When shopping around for a tool set for the first time, you’d be hard-pressed to find better value and bang for your buck than the Craftsman Evolv.

Warranty Overview

Being tools that are down-market a tier from the regular Craftsman lineup doesn’t mean these are poorly manufactured tools. Craftsman Evolv tools actually have a decent warranty for their price. Craftsman Evolv tools are offered with a lifetime warranty. However, there is a condition that voids the warranty if the tools are damaged within 90 days. It’s good to see that there is a warranty option, which shows that they do stand behind their product. Although we have seen better warranties offered from other companies and manufactures, its good to know you get some protection and insurance when spending your hard earned cash.

Product offerings

Here, we’ll go over some of the more popular options and products from Craftsman Evolv. We’ll look at the specifications and features. If you search around the different big retailers you can get a stellar price on Craftsman Evolv tools.

Just take a look at the facts of the Craftsman Evolv 83 piece tool set. It’s got everything you need; sockets set (metric and imperial) hammer, level, tape measure, pliers wrench, razor knife, screwdriver, hex or allen keys, all built with a strong iron-steel alloy. You can keep all that in the durable carrying bag. You can find this at an affordable price if you look around online for a deal. This would be the perfect spare tool set for the car. Or, as a gift for a first-time owner. It’s a lot of tool for a great price.

If you don’t need the sockets or are looking for something basic and simple for around the house jobs, take a look at the 23-piece homeowner set. Craftsman Evolv give you the same durable and ergonomic carry bag as the large 83-piece set. There is extra room for more tools later. If you don’t own a car but want to have a basic set with all you need, this could be a high value option. It’s essentially the same kit as the 83-piece set, minus the sockets. It comes with a tape measure, slip joint pliers, adjustable wrench, snap off razor knife, hammer, magnetic screwdriver and 16 bits for it. If you hunt around for a deal or special for this kit, you can get it at very low prices. It would be the perfect gift for a college student or someone who wants a basic set for light duty work.

Low-cost value

Craftsman Evolv products are an incredible value for the money. They offer a six-piece mini plier set. You can find it for less than twenty dollars if you wait for sales. It’s a great starter kit for smaller and tighter workspaces. It could be very handy for electrical work. They’re made of the same strong iron-steel alloy as that of the Craftsman Evolv use in the larger tool sets. They’re ergonomic, grippy, safety green in color, and well-made. When comparing to other brands tool sets, you just won’t find a comparable product for less.

If you’re interested in kitting yourself out in Craftsman Evolv tools, it’s a smart choice. They are such a good value that if you want to stretch your money, you could complete your set with the five-piece pliers set. These pliers are made of the same high-strength iron-steel alloy, and come with the same lifetime warranty. You get eight-inch groove joint pliers, seven-inch lineman pliers, six-inch slip joint pliers, six-inch diagonal pliers and six-inch needle nose pliers. They all feature high-grip, high-visibility, comfortable and ergonomic handles. They’re getting really good at designing ergonomic contours. You would usually only see this type of style on more expensive tools.

Sometimes, a socket just won’t work, and you need a good old-fashioned adjustable wrench. Craftsman Evolv sells a three-piece set that should keep you covered. They are made of the same durable high strength metal. They feature the Evolv lineups safety, high visibility green color. The grips are the classic design, with finger grooves and loops for hanging up. The three sizes are ten, eight and six inches. You should have all the jobs covered, and you could complete your set of Evolv tools. You can get these for less than ten dollar per wrench. The perfect thing to compliment your socket set.

at the end of the day…

Craftsman Evolv is a value brand. Their products are of high value. If you look at other brands, you’ll often pay more and get less. They would be a solid purchase for a first time home, or car owner, a spare or extra set, or as a gift for someone. It’s also good to know that Craftsman stands behind their product with a lifetime warranty.